Who We Are:

The Teach Ghana Trust is a charity, registered in England & Wales (registration number 1099409) on 12 September 2003. We are dedicated to advancing the education of children and young people in Ghana by providing books, equipment, clothing and by supporting schools there.


Recent updates:
- The Teach Ghana Trust will be holding their second fund-raising event of 2012, a mixed netball tournament in Coventry!

- The Teach Ghana Trust 2012 quiz turned out to be a great success. Even before gift-aid had been collected, we raised over a £1000 in ticket sales and cash donations, which is an amazing amount!


- The Teach Ghana Trust will be holding their first fund-raising event of 2012, a pub quiz at The Trader in London on Saturday 25th February.


- We are pleased to report that 89 boxes containing text books, and 11 containers holding clothes and assorted items have begun their journey to Ghana this week, where they will be distributed amongst a number of schools.

Our Work:

We have helped a variety of different schools around Ghana:

Abura Literacy School - which aims to re-integrate children into the community and the regular education system

Krobo Odumase Anglican Primary School- a school in a particuarly poor region of Ghana where education is important
St Agatha's College- a commercial college now with access to clean water thanks to the TGT
Lemgo School- our help enabled Lemgo to teach primary education aswell as being a nursery
Teshie Secondary Schools- with our help the students can enjoy more hours of school


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