Our Charity



The Teach Ghana Trust is a charity, registered in England & Wales (registration number 1099409) on 12 September 2003. Its objects are as follows:

To advance the education of children and young people in Ghana by the provision of books, equipment, clothing and such other means as the trustees may from time to time determine.

We, the trustees of the charity, are committed to carrying out our objectives and welcome any assistance in any shape or form.


BBC Newsreader, George Alagiah spent a large part of his life in Ghana, and is a strong supporter of the Teach Ghana Trust. He sent us the following message:

"My own family left Sri Lanka where I was born in order to ensure a better education, and it was in Primary School in Ghana that we found these educational opportunities. Education has been the key to my sucesss and I whole-heartedly support the Teach Ghana Trust in the challenging task it has set itself."

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